Impressive Comedians Bringing You Awesome Comedy Shows

CPS Productions offers a comedy DVD that features entertainment news from comedians, Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul. The DVD is composed of hilarious live and uncut stand-up comedy videos. We have both downloadable copies and tangible copies available upon request.

Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul Show

Video Coverage Setting

Laughter is the best medicine, and we know you all deserve a large dose of it. When you watch our DVD, you will cry from laughing too much. This live comedy DVD was shot in the historical Howard Theatre™ in Washington, DC. The duo delivers hilarious entertainment news similar to their radio performances. Contact us today to purchase one of our DVDs.

Pricing Details

Own one of our DVDs, priced at only $19.99. The comedy DVD is approximately one and a half hours long. In case of any technical defects with the disc, we offer a full money back guarantee.

Event Hosting

You can also book Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul to provide live entertainment for your corporate events. Aside from stand-up comedy, Chris and Huggy can also do event hosting, musical parodies, and even commercial endorsements. Call us today for more information about booking or any of our products.