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March 24-26, 2017
The Chuckles Comedy Club in Memphis,TN

April 14-16, 2017
The Comedy Zone in Charolette, NC





Love that girl!

Huggy Lowdown

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Enjoy entertainment news delivered by our humorous stand-up comedians at CPS Productions. For more fun, you can also buy our comedy DVD, which is a compilation of Huggy and Chris's previous stand-up performances.

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Receive a free comedy parody CD download when you purchase one DVD. The CD has seven songs and is worth $15.
Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul Comedy Show

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Laugh out loud when you listen to or watch the comedy shows hosted by stand-up comedians Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul from CPS Productions in Charlotte, North Carolina. We also sell a comedy DVD featuring their past radio shows and daily shows. We tweet and post on Facebook™ daily to reach out to more than 8 million people a week. 

Backed by more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, our comedians, Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul, are able to bring lively entertainment to viewers. Huggy Lowdown believes that comedy is what keeps the world moving and that it keeps him alive. He was a member of the cast on the TV One™ sitcom called, "Love That Girl." Our other comedian, Chris Paul, shared the stage with comedy giants, such as Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Drew Carey, and Steve Harvey. With Chris and Huggy's humorous stories, jokes, and routines, they are sure to give you a show that you and your family will enjoy! Get in touch with our accommodating staff for orders or inquiries. 

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Chris Paul received an Emmy Award from the

Redskins Late Night Show in January 2013.


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